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Vanessa Hudgens and Austlin Butler <3

These two can't keep their hands off of each other- and rightly so! They're young, sexy, famous, and in love! We are all so used to seeing the young star on the arm of her longtime boyfriend, fellow teen and Disney star Zac Efron. A major claim to fame for them both were the numerous leaked nude images of Hudgens that were intended for Efron's eyes only... but of course slipped out in the public and are now out for the world to enjoy! The young relationship didn't make it, and the two split not too long ago, but worry not about Vanessa as she seems to have moved on COMPLETELY to he rnew boy toy Austlin Butler. Just check out those images of the two with their lips locked in the pic above! That's some hot and heavy stuff right there, and we already know what Vanessa is hiding underneath her clothes so we can use our imaginations to know what these two are like in the bedroom! Butler is a far cry from Efron, Efron being dark and handsome and Butler being a blonde stud, who do you think looks better with Vanessa?! Vanessa has never been one to shy away from PDA even when there's cameras around, and she sure isn't holding back with Butler. The two were snapped smooching all over Barcelona as they vacay'd together. Good luck to these two in their new love :)

Vanessa Hudgens Porn Tape

She's done the naked XXX photos, more than once, next up is a porn tape! Actually, one may have already been made AND released, and if this isn't Vanessa then it's a gal that looks damn close. A porn tape has been released that shows Vanessa, or the Vanessa look-a-like, having some raunchy sex with some dude! The camera must be shitty because the movie quality sucks, and it doesn't really show the girl's face which makes it hard to confirm or deny if it's Hudgens, but we can all use our imaginations and choose to believe it is her having sex right before our eyes. This porn tape leaves nothing to the imagination, and shows the two getting it on in a number of different positions. The girl in the video has a smoking hot body, much like Vanessa's, if this isn't her then this girl needs to get a job as her stunt double! We've all seen Vanessa's goodies in all those nude leaked photos, but if this porn tape is the real deal then it's just the icing on the cake. It feels like these days Hudgens has done more XXX stuff than real acting, maybe she needs to switch industries, seems like she's got a knack for the adult entertainment world! Now that she's a single girl, she can do anything she wants! We hope next on her naughty check list is some girl on girl acting, caught on tape, and released in porn tape #2!

Vanessa Gets Her First Tattoo!!!!

vanessa hudgens butterfly tattooSuper Disney hottie Vanessa Hudgens has just got INKED by famous tattoo artist Bang Bang while in New York! The brunette beauty got a small butterfly on the side of her neck, and it's really cute! Hudgens has said that her an on again off again boyfriend Zac Efron are 'working things out', wonder what he'll have to say about this new and crazy Vanessa! We think it's pretty cool, hopefully she'll get some more and in more risque places! We all know she'll be sending dirty pics of herself with her new tat to Zac soon, and we hope that they leak on the internet so we can all see them!

Vanessa Is The New Candies Girl!

vanessa hudgens candiesWow! It's our lucky day! Vanessa has just become the new face of the Candies brand, and we are so excited that they put her in a plethora of sexy poses and outfits for us to drool over! In the just released photos, Hudgens can be seen wearing a barely there bikini, a sexy sundress as she erotically drinks a milkshake, a hot pink minidress as she fools around with a bottle of ketchup, and another purple sundress as she sucks on a lollipop. These pics are enough to drive any man wild! Vanessa is so hot and sexy, what's better is that we all are able to see what's underneath those clothes because of the naked pictures the star leaked a couple years ago. Vanessa Hudgens porn is the best kind!